Free Sketchup 3D Models

These are 3D models is the Sketchup format.  Sketchup is a free 3D modeling program great for woodworking.  You can download the program from the Sketchup website here - Sketchup

Free STL files for 3D Printing

These are 3D CAD models you can download and 3D print.  Files are hosted on Thingiverse.

Everything on this page is free.  I do not charge anything for these 3D models.  However donations are appreciated.  If you wish to donate, you can use the Paypal donate button below.  All donations will go 100% back into Justin Depew Design to create more projects & content.

Raspberry Pi Code - for Automatic Dust Collector

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time


#Trigger Switch & Relay Set Up
GPIO.setup(18, GPIO.IN, GPIO.PUD_UP)         #Read output from switch
GPIO.setup(16, GPIO.OUT)         #Relay output pin
while True:
        if i==0:                 #When input from switch is LOW (grounded)
                print "switch is pressed"
                GPIO.output(16, 0)  #Turn on Relay
        elif i==1:               #When input from switch is HIGH
                print "switch is not pressed"
                GPIO.output(16, 1)  #Turn off Relay



Arduino Code - for Car Gauge

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