Eliminate dangerous airborne dust expelled above the table from the blade while cutting. Keep your shop (and your lungs) clean with this over arm dust collector. You'll be amazed at the amount of dust this can capture and wonder how you ever cut without it.

These detailed plans help you gather the right amount of materials, assist you in cutting out the parts with printable templates, and guide you through the assembly with step by step instructions.

About the dust collector

  • Works with any table saw

  • Compatible with riving knife

  • 4 Bar linkage accommodates any stock thickness

  • Hinged design allows over arm to swing out of the way when not needed

  • Sliding side panel to capture edge dust during narrow cuts

These downloadable plans include

  • 49 Page PDF delivered to your email

  • 8 Printable 1:1 templates to help you cut out the tricky parts

  • Dimensions in both inches and millimeters

  • Exploded views showing each component and how they go together

  • A list of all the materials and hardware needed

  • Cut lists to help you plan how much material is needed

  • Easy to follow step by step assembly instructions

​See the dust collector article here for more info.

Notice:  This dust collector is not a blade guard and is not intended as a safety device.



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Daniel's Dust Collector


Chuck's Dust Collector


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