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DIY Coilover Suspension

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Suspension upgrades is one of the best modifications you can do to your car. Coilovers like I built here, can turn even a sporty car, into a nimble and exciting drive as well as improve the overall looks of the car.

For this project I'm of course working on my '97 Miata. The current 80K suspension is perfectly fine, but that's the problem. It's stock and begging for an upgrade. After browsing several internet resources, I compiled a list of parts that others have found successful in building their own coilovers. Below I've outlined what parts you need to make your own and a video that shows you how to make sure they are successful.

The video below does the bulk of the explanation and shows exactly how to assemble one of these custom coilovers for your ride. In summary, the components I used are listed below.


(4) Bilstein Shocks

  • Used off of a NA or NB Miata

  • Brand new from various sources

(4) Coilovers Sleeves (4" or 5")

(4) 2.5" Springs (6" or 7" long - spring rate up to you)

  • I bought mine from Ebay

(4) Bump stops

(4) Lower Bushings

  • From top hat

(4) Spring Isolators (sold as a pair)

(4) Top Hats

  • From NB Miata

  • Aftermarket Extended (ICS - 1" Front ; 1-1/2" Rear)

  • ICS Racing

(4) Upper Bushings (Cut from bump stop)

  • cut from bump stop

  • 3/8" Washers

  • Stainless steel fender washer from hardware store

(4) Nuts

  • From shock

(4) Jamb nuts

  • From shock

Follow along in the video below where I show you how to pick out each component as well as assemble the entire coilover.

Good luck building your own!


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