DIY Miata Cruise Control Install

June 30, 2015


It only took one long road trip in my (new to me) 1997 Miata, which came stock with no cruise control, to realize how dependent I was on it.  I had definitely been taking it for granted on my other cars.  After a few hours of interstate driving in the Miata, my right leg was dying for a break.  I did some research online by searching the Miata discussion forums and to see how difficult it would be to install cruise control.  Since cruise control was an option for these cars, the best solution was to find a stock cruise control kit and install it into my car.  I learned that not all Miata's came pre-wired for cruise, so I had to make sure mine was wired before going all in.  I found this process a bit confusing and difficult as I had to pull bits of info from here and there to piece everything together. Once I was certain I could install a factory cruise control, I was lucky enough to find a kit on eBay.  It had been pulled from a junk yard car and contained everything I needed to install to have cruise control.


I created this video below to help others make this whole DIY process a little simpler.  I know I wish there would have been something like this when I was trying to figure out how to install cruise control on my Miata.  I hope you can benefit from it too! 


Happy Driving!




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