Building a Disc / Belt Sander Combo

July 21, 2016





 This is Part 1 of a detailed build on my homemade combination disc and belt sander.  In this part I go over the build of the base and disc sander portion.  In Part 2 I finish the sander by making the belt portion and dust collection ports.


I designed this sander using Sketchup on the computer before building it.  This allows me to save time in the build process and I don't have to figure out as much on the fly.  It is designed for a 9" self adhesive sanding disc and a 6"x48" sanding belt.  The motor is a 3/4 HP furnace motor that I purchased at a surplus store.


 Completed Sketchup 3D model of the disc/belt sander combo


Download the Model:

The 3D model in Sketchup can be downloaded from my downloads page here: Downloads



Watch the videos below to see the detailed build process.



Materials and Purchased Parts:

3/4" Plywood

1/2" Plywood

3/4" Melamine particle board

1/2" Steel shaft

1/2" ID - 1-1/4" OD Ball Bearings

3/4 HP Single Phase Motor

3/8" x 21" V-Belt

4-1/2" Metal Pulley

Sheet Metal

5/16" Star Knobs

2" ABS Pipe

Various screws/nuts/washers










In part 2 of the disc / belt sander build I show how I built the second half of the sander - the belt sander.






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