DIY Coat Hanger

April 9, 2015


I walked past our dumpsters outside our apartment one day and spotted this gorgeous piece of wood laying inside (it was pre-finished even!).  I of course snatched it up and brought it inside.  I had the perfect plan for it.


For months my wife and I had been hanging our light jackets on the door knob to our closet. Obviously that can only hold so many before it becomes annoying and unorganized.  Just a few days before, we had picked up a basket at Goodwill that had an ugly handle that we removed and used the basket else ware.  An old basket handle, charming piece of wood, and a few hours of work later, I had a unique upcycled coat rack; however I'm not convinced it will make any new trends given it's strange appearance.


I cut off both the handles from the basket with a hack saw.  To attach the handles to the wood I came up with these fitting fasteners made from copper wire that I thought tied the whole thing together quite well (no pun intended).  Drilling two small holes in four spots around each handle allowed the copper wire to straddle the metal hangar and hold it in place.  On the back side of the board I widened the hole to allow space for the wire to be twisted together.  To keep the wire from coming untwisted overtime, I also applied epoxy over the twisted wires to lock them in place.


And that's pretty much it.  I used three screws to attach it to my bedroom wall and it now serves as a unique looking coat rack.  While the hangers look a bit odd they hold on to jackets just fine, and the dumpster-found wood plank behind it adds a ton of character.


Be sure to watch the video below to see the build!





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