VIEWER SPECIAL: Overhead Dust Collector

February 21, 2019

Bob sent in some photos of his overhead table saw dust collector based on my design.


"I built a modified version of your over arm dust collector using a double articulated arm attached to the ceiling over my table saw. I have a Delta Unisaw with a large table and the distance from the blade to the wall was too far for an arm similar to yours.  I liked the configuration of the hood for your dust collector with the sliding side panel. Great idea. Bob."


Bob later wrote:


"I used oak for its strength and rigidity, but it adds quite a bit of weight to the whole assembly. I used 1/2 in. for the articulated joints and 3/4 in. for the arms. If I were to do it again I think I would try 1/4 in. for the joints and arms. The extra weight required the connecting bolts to be tightened quite a bit which makes moving the arms difficult."







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