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Automatic Dust Collection

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

In my last project I built a cyclone dust separator from an old shop vac.

I wanted to take it one step further (because why not) and automate it. Watch the video below to see how I hooked up my newly built dust collector to my miter saw dust hood and my homemade sander. I used a small bit of code (see below) on a Raspberry Pi 3 to control the dust collector to turn it on and off automatically every time I use the tools.

The wiring diagram below details how I wired the switches on each tool into the raspberry pi as well as the relay and the power cord to the dust collector (shop vac).

Below is the code that I am using on the Raspberry Pi.

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO import time
#Trigger Switch & Relay Set Up GPIO.setup(18, GPIO.IN, GPIO.PUD_UP) #Read output from switch GPIO.setup(16, GPIO.OUT) #Relay output pin while True: i=GPIO.input(18) if i==0: #When input from switch is LOW (grounded) print "switch is pressed" time.sleep(1.00) GPIO.output(16, 0) #Turn on Relay elif i==1: #When input from switch is HIGH print "switch is not pressed" time.sleep(1.00) GPIO.output(16, 1) #Turn off Relay


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