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Building a Small Cyclone Dust Collector

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Dust collection is very important in my apartment workshop. Just down the hall is the bedroom & bathroom so no dust can escape this room!

For this build I was inspired by many other dust collector videos on Youtube. This is not my original design but it is unique to my shop vac.

Watch the video below for a detailed view on how I built this dust collector.

Materials and purchased components (Affiliate Links):

  • Shop Vac 3HP 6 Gallon

  • 3/4" plywood for rings & base

  • 1/2" plywood for inlet

  • 1x2 pine lumber

  • 1/4" dowels

  • Scrap oak for latches

  • Scrap plastic for latches

  • 2" ABS drain pipe

  • 1/16" poly-carbonate (24"x48")

  • Sikasil Sealant

  • Construction Adhesive

  • Foam Gasket

  • Screws, Glue & Paint

UPDATE April 12th 2019: Watch the video below to see how the dust collector is holding up 2 years later.


Click the link below for viewer submitted builds based off my dust collector design. If you've built your own and would like to share please Email me!


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