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Building the Miter Saw Dust Hood

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Several years ago I built a fantastic dust hood for my miter saw (see build here). I did not make a video of this build nor did I make a 3D CAD model or plans for this hood. However, it has been such a valuable tool in my workshop, and I have gotten lots of requests to make plans for the dust hood. So I decided to re-design the dust hood to make it easier to build, easier to use, and customize-able to any fixed-pivot miter saw. This dust hood still retains all of its good features like the hinged panels above the saw as well as the downdraft box in the rear. Miter saws make a lot of dust, but this dust hood can keep it under control. Check out the video below of how I built this dust hood along with some footage of it in action.

Completed 3D CAD model of dust hood in Fusion 360

Download the Plans:

Get the plans here: Miter Saw Dust Hood Plans

Get the STL file for the 3D Printed hose adapter here: Hose Adapter

Materials and Purchased Components

Dust hood & Down Draft:

  • 1/2" [13mm] Plywood

  • Scrap solid wood

  • Duct tape for homemade gaskets

  • T-nuts

  • Start Knobs

  • Piano Hinge

  • Dust Collection Piping

Watch the video below for a detailed view on how I built this dust hood!

More About the Plans:

Since there are a lot of different miter saws on the market, it is hard to design a one-size-fits-all dust hood that will work for every saw.  Thus I designed the plans to be customized to your saw.  You provide the measurements for your saw, and the plans will automatically adjust to make the perfect size dust hood for your saw.  This saves you time and frustration trying to adjust the dimensions to your saw, since it will do this automatically.  It also saves on material as you only need to build it as big as your saw.  View the video below to see a demo of the plans.

You will need Adobe PDF reader to use the customized plans.  Get it here for free: Adobe Reader

Note about Mobile devices: The calculator on the plans does not work on mobile platforms and is intended for use on laptop/desktop computers.

Download the Plans:

Get the plans here: Miter Saw Dust Hood Plans

Plans come pre-loaded with the dimensions for the Dewalt DW713 miter saw.

The video below is a bonus video showing how to measure your saw and a demo of the customized plans.


Click the link below for viewer submitted builds based off my dust hood plans. If you've built your own and would like to share please Email me!


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