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Floating Wine Bottle Holder

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

This floating wine bottle (works for some liquor bottles too) was a fun and easy project and a great time to experiment with ink jet image transfers.

The basic shape can be made using the plans below. I just used a miter saw set at 27 degrees, a jig saw to cut the curve, and a forstner bit to drill the hole. And of course some sandpaper and wipe on poly.

To "print" the image on the face of the wood, I used my ink jet printer. The key is to use a waxed paper that the ink will sit on top of instead of get soaked into. Address label paper with the labels removed works well. Just print out your image in a mirrored position, and then quickly lay the paper ink side down on the piece of wood and then rub in the ink. The ink will transfer from the paper to the wood and soak into the wood like it would on paper. It works quite well. Keep an eye on your printer head, as it may need a cleaning afterwards due to the "wet" ink application on the paper.

Check out the video below to see how I made this one!


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