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Mini Shop Vac Cyclone Dust Collector

A few years ago I built a shop vac powered cyclone dust collector. It has been working awesome ever since I built it, and it's the most used tool in the shop since it's always hooked up to something or cleaning up after a mess. It is always getting in the way though, especially when it's hooked up to my over arm dust collection for my table saw. Between the power cord, dust hose and the collector itself, I'm always tripping over something. So I thought It would be nice to build a second smaller one just for the table saw over arm.

This one is based heavily on the design of my first one, but made quite a bit smaller and has some improvements over the previous one. I used a shop vac motor and impellor to drive the unit, and everything else is homemade.

I did not include a filter on this dust collector because I plan to either vent it into my main dust collector, or vent it outside. I would like this to be a low maintenance dust collector so not having a filter to clean out will help with that.

There's lots of details in this build, so check out the build video below.


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