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Retractable Casters for Table Saw

I recently completed a great accessory to my table saw - retractable casters. 

Previously, I just had casters only. While they are great for moving the saw around, they don't work great at keeping the saw still when trying to make cuts. Nothing beats a solid table saw that's firmly planted on the ground. So I decided to design some retractable casters. When retracted, the table sits on its own feet and is nearly impossible to move. Rotate the handle in front of the saw, and the whole cabinet lifts effortlessly off the ground allowing me to freely move it about the workshop. Rotate the handle again and it plops back down on the floor.

I had inspiration from a gentleman called Carl Holmgren who has several videos of retractable casters on his website. I strongly encourage you to go check them out if you are interested in other designs. Here is his website:

My design is fairly simple and works great. My favorite part is that it is single action and can be done with one hand. Watch the video below to check out the details!

Watch the video below to see the details on this caster system!


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