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Tool Wall & Tool Holders

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Adding a tool wall to your shop is a great way to keep organized. Keeping tools displayed on the wall helps me to see where everything is, and helps me to put tools back when I'm done using them.

In part one of my tool wall video, I show how I made the tool wall for the back of my work bench. It actually rests on the work bench instead of attaching to the wall, saving some screw holes into the plaster. I only had time to make a few tool holders in this video, so there's plenty more to come. The wall measures about 5 ft wide by 4 feet tall. It will be able to hold the majority of my woodworking tools I use on a regular basis.

Part 1: Building the wall & first holders


Part 2: Making more tool holders

In part two of my video I make 17 more tool holders to put all the woodworking tools onto the wall.


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