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Building My Shop Doors (Barn Door Style)

In this video I show how I re-purposed some patio door panels and turned them into sliding barn doors for my garage workshop.

There were a couple of requirements I considered which led me to this design. First, I wanted a large clear opening, so I could easily roll out my table saw, work bench or project materials in and out of the work space. Also, I didn't want there to be any sill on the floor that I would have to roll things over. A no-sill design was best. Lastly, I didn't wanted sliding panels so I didn't have to worry about keeping the floor space clear around the doors in order to swing them open (or have them hit the cars if they are parked there). This led me to the barn door style design. I really like how these doors turned out and I think they are the best option for this space. Time will tell.

Parts & Supplies I used in the video (Amazon Affiliate Links)

3D Printed Parts (Thingiverse)


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