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Over Arm Dust Collection for the Table Saw

Updated: May 29, 2023

I've been using my table saw a lot since I built it. With dust collection a top priority in my apartment workshop, I needed to improve the table top dust collection. I've seen dust collectors similar to this design on google and in woodworking magazines. I took some ideas from there as well as made my own improvements.

This design tries to focus the dust collection right over the saw blade. I didn't want anything too big that would dwarf the table top and look out of place. Having a smaller dust hood also helps improve the dust collection ability of the shop vac.

I added a great feature that helps improve the dust collection for "blade width" cuts or just cutting off a sliver of wood. With the addition of a slide down panel on the side of the dust hood, hardly any dust gets away when making this cut. Check out the video to see what I'm talking about!

Completed 3D CAD model of the over arm dust collector


Downloadable plans are available here: Over Arm Dust Collector


MDF router templates and pre-finished polycarbonate side panels are also available for purchase!

Watch the video below for a detailed view on how I built this over arm dust collection.

One year after building the dust collector in the above video, I made some improvements. See them in the video below!


Click the link below for viewer submitted builds based off my design. If you've built your own and would like to share please Email me!


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