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VIEWER SPECIAL: Alan's Dust Hood

Alan sent in some photos of his completed miter saw dust hood he built using my plans. Alan was able to accommodate his sliding miter saw. He had this to say about the build:

I just completed the miter saw dust hood. Works great to contain the dust. Still too cold outside to paint it. The interactive plans were terrific and saved hours of recalculations as I tweaked the measurements. I made it to be mobile and used an old roller tool chest that was short enough to accommodate the height. The base has 66 pounds of sand added so it is very stable to roll around and operate. I used a an old HTC miter saw work stand with the wheels/legs removed and turned upside down to give me the slide out wings for lumber support. I do have a 4" dust collection hose that I connect when using the setup. The saw rolls around the shop quite easily. The slim cabinet allowed me to collect the dust from the bottom.

Great build Alan!

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