VIEWER SPECIAL: Robert's Cyclone Dust Collector

Robert Paolini sent in some photos of his recently completed cyclone dust collector based off of my design. See his comments and photos below.

"As promised I have attached some images of my cyclonic dust collector that was inspired by watching you make yours. I hope I did a good job.
The filter is some filter media, MERV 13, that I placed under a ring in the upper chamber, I have used it a number of times and there is very little dust going into the upper chamber. I just blow it clean when I empty the bucket. It does not affect the performance in any way.
The white pipe in the top is connected to another pipe the exhaust air and any dust to the outside of my workshop."

I asked Robert where he got the filter media as I was interested in adding this to my dust collector, as fine dust does collect in the upper chamber which clouds up the polycarbonate.

"I purchased a cheap cardboard pleated furnace filter, from a local filter manufacturer, and remove the filter media, nothing to fancy."

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