VIEWER SPECIAL: Jay's Cyclone Dust Collector

Updated: Mar 15

Jay sent in some photos of his recently completed cyclone dust collector based off of my design. He had a few comments you can read below.

"Thanks so much for the two stage shop vac video, it was a great inspiration for my version of it. I had a prior build conversion of a harbor freight dust system to a two stage Thien baffle with a new filter as well. I used my 30 year old Sears 16 gal shop vac for the project which worked out just fine. I made the baffle with three threaded rods instead of the central pipe. This was my first venture with polycarbonate sheets. I’m very impressed with how strong it is. Enclosed are a few photos of the build. I do have to admit to being lazy when it comes to paint. All my shop builds are unfinished wood."

Jay also sent in a photo of his other modified dust collector.


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