VIEWER SPECIAL: Chuck's Vertical 1" Belt Sander

Chuck Fellows saw my recent video of building the vertical 1" belt sander and decided to take a stab at his own variation. Chuck sent the following photos and a YouTube video sharing his build.

I asked Chuck about the metal wheels he made instead of wood like I did.

"I have the advantage of a small machine shop, including a metal lathe and a cnc mill/drill. So, I used metal for everything except the enclosure. The top pulley is turned from aluminum and the bottom pulley is turned from brass. The support column is 1" x 3/8" cold rolled steel. The support bracket is a piece of 2" x 3" x 3/8" angle iron.The belt is 30". I think the pulleys are smaller than yours, mine being 1 1/8" diameter. That's why it's taller.I'm 73 years old and have been a woodworker most of my adult life, although the past 20 years or so I've switched over to mostly metal working. Cheaper, not so messy, and more options. These days I mostly build model engines and tooling."

I also asked him about the motor he was using in the final YouTube video.

"Powered by 115v 0.6amp ac induction motor. It runs at 3450 RPM and drives the belt at around 1,000 surface feet per minute. The motor is capacitor start, rated at about 1/6th HP, is 4" long and 3" diameter. It's made by Japan Servo and is available from surplus for around $30 plus shipping."

Check out his video below.


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